• Crossroads Baptist Church ___ 9122 Ooltewah-Georgetown Rd. Ooltewah,TN
  • Greenwood Baptist Church ___ 8529 Snowhill Rd. Ooltewah,TN
  • Maple Grove Baptist Church ___ 9525 Birchwood Pike, Harrison,TN
  • New Union Baptist Church ___ 11108 Meadowview Rd. Georgetown,TN
  • Savannah Bay Baptist Church ___ 8018 Ooltewah-Georgetown Rd. Ooltewah,TN
  • Savannah United Methodist Church ___ 10520 Snowhill Rd. Ooltewah,TN


Note:   These Sponsors donate $300.00 per year to help maintain the Cemetery. If your Church

would like to participate, Please contact the Cemetery at mcdonaldcemetery@aol.com, or call

423.240.6240 cell, or 423.344.7248. Your participation would be greatly appreciated.



Lee Monument

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